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Vpsville backups

What is "backup"?

Backup - creation of the copy of data base on the server. This copy stored in a special storage and does not affect server operation.

Why i need it?

Backup is recommended to do regularly before each operation. Reinstalling software, intervention in the server operation, any careless action may result in loss of data or the inability to restore the server operational condition.

What stored in backup?

System snapshot includes the data from the server disks, as well as server memory dump, which is critical for services which stores part of their data in RAM (eg, databases MySQL, MSSQL).

When backup should be created?

Backup may be created at any time. For the user, backup creation looks quietly as vps server continues it's work while backup being created.

When backup is necessary?

1. При конфигурировании системы, установке программного обеспечения, когда результат настройки заранее не известен.
2. Перед запуском рискованных обновлений системы и программного обеспечения.
3. Для обеспечения сохранности настроек и данных расположенных на сервере.

How much does it cost?

The cost of storing backups on a remote server is calculated based on the cost of storing 1GB of data, which is 3 rubles per month.

What advantages of our backups?

The advantages of our backups:

Server "Snapshot"

We store not only files from hard drives, but also the state of the server at the time of backup. This is critical, since most services store data in RAM.

Backup by

You can configure the backup data at any time convenient to you.


Backups stored on separate physical server.


CBT Technology allows you to copy only the changed data, so our backups work out very quickly.

How use backup?

1Select desired server

2Go to tab "backup"

3Press "start" to start backup process

4Use scheduler if you want backups by schedule