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VDS with DDOS-atacks protection

Vpsville offers dedicated server with protection against DDoS-attacks, including those implemented with Dirt Jumper type botnets, NTP Amplification, Optima DDoS bot and others. We are also ready to provide protection for game servers aginst Udp/Tcp Spoofing/Flood at the transport level. To repel attacks, we use the Internet channels with high bandwidth and network filters that analyze all incoming traffic and identify non-standard network activity. Order our VDS with protection against DDoS, and your websites will be safe and will continue to work under any network attacks.


We offer you:


надежную защиту серверов от всех известных на данный момент методов DDoS-атак-;']


Scheduled backup of the system with the ability to quickly recover files - you do not have to worry about data safety.


all-day technical support, assistance in solving any problems, including installation and configuration of the operating system;


all-day monitoring: our security system will block suspicious traffic before it will harm your site;

Operating speed

placing files on the SSD disks, which provides a maximum speed of download sites and applications.

Our advantages:

Оперативная защита от DDoS-атак


If you need urgently protect the site or the server from DDoS-attacks - contact us. We will make sure that resource efficiency has been restored in the shortest possible time.

Reasonable prices

Our prices are lower than the average on market. By choosing us, you reduce costs, but not the security level of sites and data.
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Надежная защита от DDoS-атак


We use tested hardware and software solutions that repel DDoS-attacks. We trusted the protection of business-critical applications and sites of large companies.


We provide services of protection against DDoS-attacks for more than 5 years. We have not only the best hardware and software, but also a great experience, so we can protect your website or game server, even of non-standard, well-planned and organized attacks. Contact us and soon your site performance will be fully restored.
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