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Vyacheslav Bazhinov

Пользовался услугами 10 месяцев - с марта по декабрь 2015, нужен был vps для показа результатов относительно требовательного к ресурсам проекта. За это время сервер со стороны провайдера проблем не было ни разу.
Обращался в техподдержу несколько раз - то обновил систему с grub, то нужно было диск расширить. Во всех случаях ответ получал сразу (в любое время суток писал онлайн-консультанту и сразу получал ответ), проблему решали (по моим меркам) очень быстро - в течение нескольких часов, если не быстрее.
Как только vps перестал быть нужен - закончил работу над проектом - удалил сервер и через пару часов осознал, что там лежала заполненная база из домашнего проекта. Техподдержка и здесь помогла - восстановили удаленный сервер через час после обращения.
Плюсом ко всему - интуитивная админка, возможность оплачивать сервер по дням (неплохая альтернатива тестовому периоду).
Очень рекомендую этот хостинг.

representaive of FSUE "National Corporation for Tourism Development"

We chose a reliable business-provider with data center in Moscow, a good reputation and ability to provide individual attention to us and our needs for IT resources. After we applied these criteria, the choice narrowed down quite significantly. And when deleted from the list the largest companies, which are generally not ready for serious customization of its services, VPSville was in first place. Today, however, we could have chosen it much faster, because the VPSville services met our best expectations. It is the partner, in which we are fully confident

Kirill Matusov

project manager MGcom

Despite the growing popularity of cloud computing, for a number of projects there is preferable use of the physical equipment. It is possible to carry to them also some IT tools used by our company. Choosing between upgrade of IT infrastructure with use of available solutions in Russia based on PaaS and lease of physical servers in one of the best data centers of Moscow, we preferred the second option. The excellent conditions of monitoring and servicing of our servers offered VPSville became one of the reasons for such choice. Unlike the companies creating own services of the distributed calculations we don't need to hire team of IT specialists. All work on control of the equipment is undertaken by VPSville, the professional hosting company to which staff we completely trust

Bozhkov Andrew

Technical Director of "Agency of citizen journalism "Ridus"

Agency of citizen journalism "Ridus" - a popular and well-known source of information, often publishing resonant materials, leading to the explosive growth of site traffic. This statistics of past visits can not adequately prepare the provider to the difficulties with which he will have to face. specialists honorably passed all the tests, including those that have arisen independently of our desire to assess the quality of the services purchased. Therefore, we can already recommend this company as a professional and reliable partner

Stanislav Trubnikov

cofounder and CEO "Onlineticket.RF"

The choice of hosting provider for such projects as ours, is quite complex challenge as the level of satisfaction of our users depends on it – people aren't ready to be reconciled with unfairly long time of loading of pages or temporary unavailability of service even if it finds for them the cheapest tickets and hotels for travel. Therefore we very thoroughly approached the choice, attentively studied options, tested services of potential partners. As a result the proposal of was the best for our tasks. Now, after migration when we can estimate quality of operation of leased VPS servers, I can confirm: service quality of completely corresponds to promises, and the support service of the company pleasantly surprises with the professionalism and efficiency

Misha Prohov

Good hosting, this is what needed for online games. Works reliable, ping stable.

Rasul Ismailov

Support is very sympathetic, have given free of charge three days for aprobation. From all tested providers - VPS is the most rapid. Plus was pleased by speed of the channel. Others cut it on each connection, and here what your is all yours. Generally, impressions only positive!


Our service is located on the servers of "Klaudsol" Ltd. for more than 3 years, for all this time, the hosting provider has shown itself as a reliable and fast. Also, We would like to acknowledge and thank customer service, which in any time of need quickly come to the rescue and quickly solve the task.


I use VDS server on tariff «Village» for the online game Lineage, so i satisfied with performance and stability.


I advise! Support team helps in everything! These hard to find when you do not know what to do and no one can help you. Many times i asked them something and each time they helped without asking stupid and counter-questions to just come-off! in response only: Done))) I was very pleased with this provider! problems with the server is not watched ... all stable! I advise!

Dmitry Olegovich

Excellent hosting. I have a site with attendance of more than 100.000 and when a dedicated server is not withstand the load, I moved on They made me special tarif, made all settings and site raised. Thank you guys very much, hosting is not the equipment, but the people and respect for the client. Strongly recommended!