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Cloud hosting. Unlimited power!


Cloud hosting. Unlimited power!


Cloud hosting. Unlimited power!


Cloud hosting. Unlimited power!

Questions and answers

Frequently asked questions
How quickly my server start working after filling out an order form?

It takes 5 to 20 minutes to create new server.

Do you have testing period or moneyback warranty?

Для создания нового сервера необходимо внести 250 рублей на счет.
Мы настолько уверены в качестве своих услуг, что вернем по первому требованию 200 рублей в течение первой недели использования. 50 остаются в качестве комиссии во избежание злоупотреблений.

What to do if i'll get any problems with my server?

If you have any questions or something does not work, contact our technical support. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Are there any hidden charges?

Нет. Биллинг посуточный. В случае покупки OS Windows, лицензия распространяется отдельно. Более подробную информацию о лицензировании Вы можете прочитать по адресу

Where are the physical servers located?

Equipment located in TIER-3 datacenter in Moscow.

How can i pay your services?

— Qiwi (напрямую)
— Webmoney (напрямую)
— VISA/Mastercard (через Робокассу)
— Безналичный расчет
— Наличные в офисе

Hosting on cloud server

Vpsville cloud infrastructure is based on high-performance, reliable servers and storage systems. We use hardware solutions from leading brands - Cisco, HP, Supermicro, DELL. The data is stored on the SSD drives combined into a RAID-array, which ensures maximum availability and high download speed. When you order CloudServer service, you get access to the virtual machines, required performance and will be able to create an infrastructure to effectively support business projects. Our cloud-based solutions enable:

Provide a comfortable "office" work with applications, files, data.

Organize corporate cloud for companies or corporations with any number of employees. We offer solutions suitable for systems that require significant computing resources.

Quickly deploy cloud VPS server, quickly create IT-infrastructure of any scale.

Reduce costs of deploying and support of IT-infrasctructure.

Flexibly configure and scale the resources to increase the usded power of the equipment is directly proportional to the load on the sites. This is useful for startups and for new projects as they grow the business, you can increase the amount of resources used.

Create and customize cloud VDS / VPS server via the control panel and API. Most processes are automated: it allows you to manage infrastructure with minimal time costs.

Our advantages:

Стабильная работа системы

Stable system operation

We offer Linux and Windows server cloud hosting based on KVM technology. We use equipement by Cisco, HP and Supermicro, located in the data center Tier III level. This ensures uninterrupted access to applications, websites, files.

Backup системы по расписанию

System backup by schedule

You can use the built-in tool for backing up all data and rapid recovery.

Полный контроль над сервером

Complete control over server

You get access to all sysem files, you may install, modify and delete any software, use the non-standard libraries.

Возможность объединения серверов в сеть

Ability to consolidate servers to the network.

To the infrastructure you may include computing cluster, which will automatically distribute the load and synchronize servers. With this you can create a separated cloud VDS / VPS servers to solve any task including an appeal to the file system, databases storage and transmission of content.

Профессиональная техподдержка

Professional technical support.

We are ready to create a public cloud for you, help you choose the tariff plan and the deploying infrastructure, to install and configure operating system.

Надежность наших серверов

Reliability of our severs

Our customers - big Russian and foreign companies, manufacturers of premium products, online-shops. Big companies trust us. If you need a reliable cloud service provider, please contact Vpsville.